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PV Anti Islanding Test

In the A.C.T is a requirement of Evoenergy to test the PV on every 5 years. Book your test now.

A PV anti-islanding test is a procedure performed on a photovoltaic (PV) system to verify that it can detect and disconnect from the grid in the event of an islanding condition. Islanding is a situation where a section of the electrical grid becomes isolated from the larger grid but continues to generate power. This can create a safety hazard for utility workers and damage the equipment connected to the isolated grid.

The PV anti-islanding test involves intentionally creating an islanding condition by disconnecting the main grid from the PV system and then monitoring the behavior of the system. The test verifies that the PV system can detect the islanding condition and quickly shut down to prevent continued power generation.

The PV anti-islanding test is an important safety requirement for grid-tied PV systems, and it may be required by regulatory authorities or utilities before the system can be connected to the grid. The specific requirements for the test may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of PV system being tested.